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Carpet Cleaning: How To Remove Wine Spillage

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Carpets are, for lack of a better term, great. They make a space feel more luxurious; they can even serve as a unifying element of seemingly clashing pieces of furniture and accessories!

According to some observations, carpets may also be beneficial to those with allergies and respiratory issues. This is because carpets trap dust and other allergens, taking away these substances from the immediate breathing space.

Problem is, that carpets can also be tricky to clean and maintain. Liquids are a particular struggle, especially those that can leave behind a stain—red wine being a prime example.

Of course, the simplest solution is to contact a professional cleaning company to help you remove all traces of wine from your precious carpets. However, the ideal thing to do is remove the wine spillage ASAP so the colour won’t seep into the textile. Here are some tips to save your carpet from being ruined forever:

Blot the Wine

The first thing you have to do if or when you spill wine on the carpet is to fetch paper towels or plain white cloth. Then, start blotting the spill. It’s important to use a white cloth because the coloured fabric may transfer its dyes onto the carpet.

The key to blotting is to use patting or light pressing motions. Don’t rub or scrub, because this may cause the stain to settle deeper into the carpet’s fabrics. It’s also best to start blotting from the outside edges of the spill to prevent the liquid from spreading out.

Once the spill feels dry, pour some cold, clean water onto it (hot water may allow the stain to set). The water will dilute any remaining wine and make it easier for you to remove any traces of the liquid. Resume blotting with paper towels or a fresh white cloth.

Try Club Soda

If you have some club soda, you can pour it on the wine spill and then let it fizz for a while before you repeat the blotting process. Continue pouring club soda then blotting the spill until the stain disappears.

The way club soda works in removing stains are that the carbonation dissolves and lifts the pigment from the carpet fabrics. Of course, the results will depend on how large the spill is and how much club soda you have at the moment.

Use Vinegar

Good white vinegar is also a reliable wine stain remover on the carpet. After blotting the spill, dampen a white cloth in a mix of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and 2 cups of warm water. Prepare another cloth for blotting.

Again, make sure to use a white cloth to prevent further pigment stains and warm water to avoid making the stain permanent. Apply the mixture to the carpet using the dampened cloth, and then blot it using the dry one.

After a few repetitions, the stain should be removed. Use another clean white cloth and some cold water to remove traces of the vinegar mixture before patting the area dry.

Saturate With Wine Cleaner

If you have carpet-compatible wine cleaner available, you can use it to soak the area of the spill for about 5 minutes or however long is indicated on the label. Blot the carpet using a clean white cloth once the stain is gone.

In case the stain is a little more difficult to remove, mix the cleaner with the same mixture of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and warm water. Spray this onto the area of the stain, blot, and repeat until the carpet is clean. To rinse, use cold water and then blot dry.

Salt It

Another way to remove wine spill stains from the carpet is by using salt. Note that this will only work if the carpet is still damp, so if the area you blotted is already dry, go ahead and spray it with cold water.

Once the stain is sufficiently wet, sprinkle it with salt to draw out the moisture. Work the salt deeper into the carpet, then leave it long enough for the area to dry. The salt should turn pink or purplish after some time, indicating that it has absorbed the wine. Remove as much salt as you can before vacuuming it off.

Note that this process may leave your carpet a little stiff. If this happens, moisten the area with some more cold water, let it soak for a bit to restore the carpet’s texture, then vacuum dry.

Try Peroxide

You can also try to use hydrogen peroxide to remove wine spill stains on the carpet, but keep in mind that it can cause some discolouration. To be on the safe side, test it on a small patch in a hidden area first.

If the carpet’s colour doesn’t change, you can proceed by combining one part dishwashing liquid with two parts peroxide. Apply this mixture to the stain, blot, and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Keeping carpets in good shape takes a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it! In case of accidents like wine spills, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to restore your carpets back to their original state.

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